A New Path

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Some of you will land here from my previous blog Respected & Wholly Loved Children, and some of you may come from the far reaches of the planet, having never heard of the ideas and concepts I will talk about on these pages.  Either way, welcome and I hope to hear your voices, often and clear.

I started the other blog a few years ago now to address a very concerning trend I was exposed to concerning Training Up a Child.  The book, series, and authors have an entire ministry dedicated to Christ and the control of children. The trouble is… what they teach is so damaging to the child (and the parent) that those stuck in it have to either find their courage eventually to accept and face this, or they remain in denial. Either way, the child suffers the most, but there is some hope for the children of those parents that do come out of the trance of Pearl based Christian Required Punishment and Fear Based Control Nonsense, to discover what genuine & unconditional love is, what true respect and reverence is, and what it means to honor our children and their childhood.

To those parents, and to the many who abhor the teachings and practices of so many that damage children and destroy their precious spirits, I hope you will join me in a quest of discovery, of continual blessing and pursuance of positive experiences, and together raise a generation of children who know what it is to be valued as children – that become valuing adults, who in turn view their world through one another’s eyes.

It’s simple and cliché, but… let’s make this world a better place.


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