The concept of revering childhood seems natural to me… Why? Because I remember mine.  It was challenging. I wanted my efforts recognized, as well as my thoughts and opinions respected and considered.

As I matured, I discovered the concepts of honoring and respect… It occurred to me that all children and their journey (that being their childhood) are to be revered. Admired.
Acknowledged, fully.

– Angie


There are different definitions for following terms, but in my mind, and for the purposes related to being a mentor and companion for a child, the following are the definitions you will find referred to on this site:

Honor(ing): To admire, to value, to recognize and acknowledge, to perceive dignity. To adore, to celebrate, to revere.

Respect:  To adore, to consider valuable, to think highly of, to recognize, to cherish, to appreciate, to accept, to acknowledge, to provide/give/allow for autonomy.

Definition: have a high opinion of

Synonyms: admire, adore, appreciate, be in awe of, cherish, enjoy, esteem, hold in awe, honor, look up to, love, prize, put on pedestal, regard, respect, think highly of, treasure, value
Antonyms: despise, disregard

Definition: helper, friend

Synonyms: accompaniment, accomplice, aide, ally, assistant,associate, attendant, buddy, chaperon, co-worker, colleague,comrade, guide, match, mate, nurse, pal, partner, playmate, protector, safeguard
Antonyms: enemy, foe, foreigner, opponent, stranger

Definition: independence
Synonyms: freedom, liberty, self-determination, self-government, self-rule, sovereignty

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