The Art of Child Training

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If you have found this page, chances are you are aware of No Greater Joy Ministries.

This organization has a perspective on raising and caring for children that seems to be positive and upright, and in all fairness, they teach and discuss many valid points of concern, and do indeed offer sound advice on a few items.  The problem is that in the same breath they preach love, they preach pain and abuse of children, and they’re convinced they’re right and helpful.

Parenting isn’t easy.  Being a child isn’t easy.

Our hope is you will find encouragement as well as alternative methods of working with children, that don’t include intentionally inflicting pain.
And to those who contribute, please keep in mind that simply bashing the organizations and people who follow the teachings of No Greater Joy Ministries, and others like them, is only useful in settling your own disgust.  Tools, assistance in gaining perspective, and support is what will be useful for those who do and/or have turned to groups like these, and are trying to repair the damage done, or prevent it in the first place.

Children are not born evil, as some might teach.  The baby is incapable of cognitive thought at this level. And though humans, by nature, are self focused, until they learn and develop to the point where they are self sufficient (in the beginning, this self-focus helps them survive), children are not inherently disobedient, malicious brats, nor are they hell bent on making life difficult for you while good for them.  They are in fact driven by instinct, however, to satisfy their needs emotionally and physically. This is true for the adult as much as the child. It is our job as parents to satisfy those needs before they go unmet, and it is our job to guide and lead by example, so that our children will grow up to be intelligent, thoughtful, respectful, and non-self centered but empathetic adults, capable of love and harmony.


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