Infant Manifesto (No, I’m not kidding…)

If you can stomach it, reading this will help you at least understand the extent to which this group, and primarily its leader, suffers from deranged insecurity, that masquerades as intelligent, wise, superiority.

– Just go see this -> Infant Manifesto

If, after reading this, you suddenly find yourself hating your manipulating little 14 week old.. please contact me before you begin to employ ANY tactics to rid yourself of this feeling.  I would be happy to listen and help you sort through your feelings. And I can provide you with connections to others who are highly respected that can also assist.

2 thoughts on “Infant Manifesto (No, I’m not kidding…)”

  1. What ever happened to the innocence of a child? Who would look at another adult, confined to a wheel chair but unable to move forward/backward/around, unable to speak the language you understand & consider their basic needs & cries for help/aide to be manipulating. I wonder if NGJ would consider someone like this manipulating? I doubt it but they consider a 14week old manipuating?

    I believe we all have an oppertunity to pray for this group & it’s leaders. Imagine if their hearts were turned around & love instead of fear was preached the people they could reach. How sad for the misguided readers & followers they have.

  2. i’ll tell you who: sigmund freud and melanie klein! look them up. by the way, they aren’t christians. they are founders of the psychology that michael pearl seems to hate so much yet employs at every turn! and good ole b.f. skinner, who by the way, wasn’t a christian either.

    both freud and klein, secular jews, not fundamentalist christians, taught that infants are lustful and selfish. and skinner taught that every living creature can be trained through behavior modification, operant conditioning, coercive persuasion, whatever you want to call it.

    seriously, it’s time to start seriously talking about michael pearl’s ulterior motives.

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