An Alternative Method of Training Children

It appears I am not the only person with my opinion and ideas…

In the spirit of truth and a desire to provide solid alternatives and support for those who just can’t follow through with the teachings of No Greater Joy Ministries anymore, I am linking to this blog.

–  Muse Mama

I am not yet endorsing what is said in this blog as I haven’t gotten beyond the first page, but I suspect the more I read, the more I will gladly offer my approval.

Four years ago the world lost little Sean Paddock after his mother suffocated him.  She followed the Pearls. When little Sean died, those of us who were already critical of the Pearl’s teachings, spoke out.  We joined in a boycott and tried to share the danger with anyone who would listen.

Now we’ve lost little Lydia Schatz after her parents beat her to death with the plastic tubing the Pearls recommend for child “training”. And after reading this moving blog post at Beauty For Ashes, I don’t think we can continue to believe that only those who are naturally prone to abuse could be devastated by the implementation of the teachings in To Train Up a Child.

I am asking that other parents join in another Boycott. But I think we need to go a bit further than just our blogs.  I think we need to talk to our Pastors, write letters to our Homeschool organizations, write local talk radio hosts who might discuss it, and talk to other parents. We have to get the word out that these methods don’t place the rod of discipline in parents hands, but a loaded gun.  If parents follow these instructions to the letter, it is a manual for child abuse.

Michael Pearl said, in a statement to the press,

We do not teach ‘corporal punishment’ nor ‘hitting’ children. We teach parents how to train their children, which sometimes requires the limited and controlled application of a spanking instrument to hold the child’s attention on admonition.

YES, YOU DO TEACH ‘HITTING’ CHILDREN. Unless you’re advocating that the disciplining tool, in your words Mr. Pearl, the Rod, and Mrs. Pearl, the switch, somehow moves itself against the child’s skin.  Maybe that’s it.. in these houses that practice what the Pearls teach, the tools that make contact in a whack/smack/strike/hit/connect with the skin fashion, move by themselves, it’s not the parents’ who are picking them up and swinging them at the children.

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