A Child’s Poem – When Youth is Not Admired or Revered

This is a poem posted by No Greater Joy, written by Rebekah Pearl, 12 years old

The people who head this organization are the Pearls.


Cause I’m Young

There’s a hole in my shoe,’
And my toe is coming through,#
There’s a scab on my knee%
Cause I fell so gracefully,#
There’s a patch on my eye&
Cause the ball didn’t go by.&
There’s a song on my tongue,’
But it’s stupid cause I’m young.


I hope my child, at age 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 or older, never views something about themselves as stupid. Period. But somehow it’s even worse when the final two words of this poem are included.

There’s a song on my tongue, but it’s stupid (be)cause I’m young.

Does that strike a chord with anyone else, or is it just me?  I’m not finding it easy to articulate my thoughts on this today.

3 thoughts on “A Child’s Poem – When Youth is Not Admired or Revered

  1. The “stupid” comment doesn’t even grab at me as much as the scab on her knee & the patch on her eye.

    It makes me wonder did she really fall or was she being stalked? Is the patch from being hit? Better to be thought a fool than proven one. Perhaps the Pearls should have kept their wisdom to themselves & be thought a fool.

    Where did you obtain this?


    • The stupid comment is indicative of the conditioning she’s been forced to endure. Her lack of self esteem, lack of self worth, and negative outlook on the value of the young is evident here.

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